Fussganger Newsletters

December 1963     It Happened in Sun Valley
1964 Address List     (date is estimated)
December 1964-January 3     Colorado Christmas Ski Trip
March 1965     "wehtwin" - Vol. 2   (What Ever Happened to What 'is Name)     --Colorado Ski Trip
March 19-29, 1965     Spring Ski Trip - Utah
June 1965     The X-Waksurs Newsletter - Vol. 3     --Words from Skip, Utah Ski Trip, Memorial Day Canoe Trip
October 1965     --X-Waksurs now Fussgangers, Lake Carlson, Madeline Island, Part II, Calling List, Stagecoach
December 1965     Seasons Greetings
January 22, 1966     Deseret Ski Gazette - Ski trip to Salt Lake City
March 1966     Fussgangers' Log - Of Events and Happenings on a Ski Trip to Colorado
March 4-12, 1966     Spring Ski Trip     -Colorado pre-trip notes
June 1966     Summer Issue     --Smelting, Second-Annual-Sunday-After-Easter-Picnic, Spring Sprint Rally, Two Broads Abroad
June 20, 1966     Letter from Ian Richards in Colorado
September 1966     Fall Issue     --Guidance Committee Report
September 1966     Handwritten notes: Fussganger guidance Committee Report. Appeared in the September 1966 newsletter
December 1966     Seasons Greetings     --Halloween Party, Crex Meadows
December 1966 Address List
The Alta Mate     December 25, 1966 - January 1967     --Ski Trip to Alta, Solitude and Treasure Mountains
March 1967     Spring Issue     --Tobogganing, Show Shoeing, Skiing at Alta, Colorado Spring Ski Trip
March 18-26, 1967     The Games People Play     --Colorado Spring Ski Trip
July 1967     Summer Issue     --Biking, Picnic, Family Camping, Gunflint Canoe Trip
October 1967     Fall Issue     --Service Project, Labor Day Canoe Trip, Biking
May 1968     --Hayride, Christmas Canoe Trip, Halloween and Christmas and New Years' Parties, February Ski Trip, Banff Ski Trip
September 1968     --Memorial Day Canoe Trip, Labor Day Canoe Trip, Lake McDougal, Brule River, Ile Royale
December 13, 1969     To Members of the 1968 Fussganger Christmas Ski Trip
February 1969     --Halloween Party, Progressive Dinner, Service Project, Announcement of Gene Fenske's death.
June 1969     --Ganzers' Cabin, Snow Shoeing, Dows' Cabin, Spring Picnic
October 1969     Fall Issue     --Bike Trip, Crex Meadow, Ely Canoe Trip, Visit to Camp Menogyn
January 1970     --Utah Ski Trip, Halloween Party, Madeline Island, Progressive Dinner
June 1970     --Memorial Day Canoe Trip, After Easter Picnic, Cannon River Canoe Trip, Ganzers' Cabin, Winter Camping
October 1970     --Biking, Iowa Canoe Trip, Labor Day Camping, Circus Museum
February 1971     --Family Letters
July 1971     --Service Project, Night Skiing Thunder Bay Ski Trip, Winter Camping
October 1971     --First Annual Milk Carton Race, Steam Engine Days, Ely Labor Day Canoe Trip, Namakagon Canoe Trip
February 1972     --Afternoon at Grundeens
July 1972     --Winter Camping (Men Only), Summer Camping (Men, Women and Kids)
November 1972     Seasons Greetings     --Sock Hop, Fall Picnic, Biking
March 1973     --Christmas Letters, Reunion, Engelhaven, Sledding
November 1973     --Wives Week-end, Annual Sunday after Easter Picnic, Western Campers
March 1974     --Reunion, Sliding and Skating, Skiing
March 1974     --Fussganger Address List
November 1974     --Bell Museum, Week-ends with the Pederson, Andersons, and Engels
1975 Fussganger Calendar
Spring 1977     --Letters from Friends
Winter 1978     --Updates from Friends
Winter 1979     --Letters and Addresses
1980     --Updates, 15 Years Ago, Addresses
March 1981     --More updates, 15 Years Ago, Addresses
In the News
Minnesota Daily May 11, 1965 - Page 3 - Skeewaksurs slip by the Rovers
The Wake Magazine - Page 19 - Skeewaksure Club formed 1966 (wrong date)
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